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Published 7th April 2014

Tutor Stream Show is Back!

We did a Tutor show this week with community member NME who is working on his Elder Titan set for Dota 2.
We went over model reconstuction sections, fixed some edge flow, and re UVed the head piece to show the best practices involved in gaining the most resolution out of your model.

On video no. 2 we show how Sith creates his photoshop file and explains many tricks and tips for texturing items. Enjoy!

Modeling and UVs:

And the texturing totem item :

If you wish to submit your model for elegibility for the tutor show head on over to the forums read the info and post here:

Published 23rd October 2013

Dewarding Brings us some Dota 2 comics! Check him out guys ;)

The support patch is live.

Published 4th October 2013

SilverGrass Treant - WIP Shots

Our work in progress gorilla treant for Furion! More progress to come soon..


Don't miss the next broadcast where we sculpt the detail in zbrush!
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Published 25th September 2013

Sith Happens' Hard Drives Multicasted.

Some terrible news.. pretty much perfect nightmare scenario.
A new power supply went  into the rig.. and fried 4 of my Hard Drives in one swell sweep.

They have been sent to a clean room lab to be dissected in hopes we can get some files out of them. Included in there is the new ward we were trying to finish up... along with the last 3 months of work, I did have a back up-back up external drive thankfully, but not the most recent stuff. (2months or so)

So lets hope this goes our way and we didn't lose it all.  Will be back as soon as humanly possible, apologies for the delay on streams.. x_x